From design to product

Design and tooling expertise for your needs

Northern Tools Oy was founded 2019. We offer more than 20 years design and manufacturing experience from tooling industry, including Asian working culture and tool manufacturing.
We hope you find suitable service for your needs from our services
-Jan Tillonen-


  •  Design optimization from tooling point of view
  •  Tooling design for manufacturing (DFM)

Tool design

  • Injection molding tools
  • Thermoforming tools
  • Formed film trimming tools (die-cut & manual cutting)
  • jigs and fixtures


Supply chain management

  • Tool sourcing and managing


Collaborative service

Larger service package from early involvement to injection molding

  • MFA Simulations
  • Pre-design
  • Tool design
  • Supply chain management
  • Injection molding trials and parameters optimization


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