Designs for your needs

Design optimizing and tooling DFM

The most time-consuming and costly phase of plastic part production is the mold design and build tool. What magnifies this is that when the mold designer gets started is usually when the part to be tooled is discovered not to be moldable. Challenging and expensive mechanisms are needed in order to produce and release the part out of the tool.

Typically mold design is not started until the product is on its final approved design, tools are quoted and awarded, purchase orders issued, and a mold builder and mold designer are scheduled. This add extra weeks to the overall project schedule.

For this dilemma Nordic Tools is providing up-front design optimizing for tooling point of view and tooling DFM .

Design Optimizing offer:

  • Solutions to better production uptime via practical tool construction

DFM offer:

  • Cavity layout
  • Gating solution
  • Draft analysis
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Parting line definition
  • Split line definition (slider, lifter, sub-inserts)
  • Ejection layout
  • Tooling construction

Tool design

Tool design is an important part of a successful project and a high quality final product. This is achieved through close cooperation between the customer, engineering and tool manufacturers.
Before design start it's needed to define customer requirements, such as product it self and production. With this information we are able to define price category for the tool. Price category effect  to the material and  standard component selection.

File formats for design:

  • Siemens NX (natiivi)
  • stp / step
  • xt
  • iges